History of First Reunion

By Edgar, Sr., and Portia Roulhac
Roulhac Family Quarterly , Fall 1991, Vol. 1 Issue 4

Mother's Day 1990, Roulhac family members in Chicago celebrated a double event. Edgar Roulhac, Jr. had come to visit our home and his sister Karen Gray, and her family. Likewise, sister Mary Roulhac Brown of Detroit was also in Chicago to celebrate with her daughter Joyce Allen, sister Ruth Roulhac Best, and the rest of the Chicago clan. It was only natural that, at some point, all family members would gather to break, share in prayer and goodwill, and catch up on family news.


We had just completed a scrumptious celebration dinner when the question arose, "Why not have a family reunion?" It was commonly felt that all family members needed to come together more frequently for the singular purpose of enjoying each other's fellowship. Curiously enough, this idea had been advanced many times, but no one felt compelled to promote or pursue it.

Roulhac Elders, Flint 1990Ed, Jr., deliberately and emphatically, said, "let's stop talking about it and just do it." Everyone spontaneously agreed that having a reunion - soon - would not only be highly desirable, but absolutely essential! Edgar, Sr. indicated that if we were to have one, we should hold it in Flint, Michigan. Brother Edwin Roulhac and his wife Evelyn and their daughter Charlotte were contacted and they very graciously and quickly volunteered to host a family gather in Flint in mid-August, 1990

A similar call to brother Joseph and his wife, Frances Roulhac, in Akron, Ohio promptly yielded yet more enthusiasm and support. Finally, sister Mary Roulhac Brown, speaking on behalf of the Detroit clan, brother Simeon Roulhac in New York, and various members of the extended family, quite thoughtfully agreed to provide the balance of the direct support need to allow the final plans to go forward.

Cousin Roy Roulhac in Detroit readily agreed to share his genealogical research on the Roulhac family and his thoughts about creating a formal association of the Roulhac family. Key support would come from Mary Roulhac Brown's daughters Johnella Frazier, Joyce Allen and Shirley Walls and other family members.

In summary, these were the several, unparalleled events, which converged, as never before in our family's history, to give birth and vitality to the initial, formal Roulhac gathering in Flint, August 17-19, 1990. In retrospect, we must say that a truly lovely, enjoyable and informative experience was had by each of the more than ninety family members and friends who attended.

To advance the heritage of excellence traditionally associated with the Roulhac family name, plans were laid at the business meeting of the Flint Roulhac Family Gathering to include all of our wonderful relatives and family friends throughout the United States at a 1991 reunion in Marianna, Florida, in July [1991]. It was anticipated then that a reunion in Marianna might very well provide the momentum required to officially launch an even more national and loving Roulhac Family Association.

History continues!

Roulhac Family Association is Born:

1990 Reunion Business Report Part 1.pdf

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