Gregoire De Roulhac Coat of Arms Found

TRQ Summer 2004


It is often said, “one persons trash is another person’s treasure.” That was true for Leon Kelly. While stationed in Germany as part of his U.S. Army tour of duty, Leon used part of his free time frequenting garage sales. At one sale, he found a framed color painting of the Gregoire De Roulhac Coat of Arms. Although Leon is not a member of the Roulhac family, he knew many Roulhacs in his hometown of Marianna, FL, so, he purchased it. When he moved back to Marianna he shared his discovery with Donnie Roulhac, a charter member of the Roulhac Family Association. This summer Leon donated the painting to the Association. He is now an honorary member of RFA!




Although undated, the Coat of Arms appears to be very old (the paper has turned yellow and the gold frame is battered). It mirrors the one contained in the Genealogical Memoir of the Roulhac Family in America that was published by Helen M. Prescott 1894. The greater part of Prescott’s Memoir was copied from the 1849 memoir of Francis Leonard Gregoire Roulhac (1867-1849), one of three French Roulhac brothers to come to America between 1777 and 1892. The name Gregoire was added to the Roulhac name with the marriage of Anne Gregoire and Guillaume De Roulhac, one of six children of Jean De Roulhac and Ann Rouquier, born in the 16th century.


In the introduction to the Genealogical Memoirs, the Gregoire De Roulhac Coat of Arms is described as follows:


I give the coat of arms, without embellishments,

Gregoire on the right, and Roulhac on the left. –

Crest, an Earls Coronet, or (gold). Gregoire – on

a field, gules, (red) a lion rampant, or: border, an

azure field, fleur-de-lis, or: Roulhac – on a field,

azure, three stars, ar, (silver); on a chief, gules,

(red) a crescent, or. ‘Outlines and divisions, black.

No motto.


Unlike the coat of arms in the Memoirs, the painted one contains embellishments. Located between the coronet and the crest is a corded rope and a vine-like plant drapes across the top of the crest.


Note: During the 2011 RFA reunion a framed reproduction of the Gregoire De Roulhac Coat of Arms was presented by the Association to Atty.'s Larry and Ruth Kingsolving, current owners of the Marianna, Florida large antebellum home of Francis Roulhac Ely. The home was built with the labor and expertise of slaves, including ancestors of Roulhac Family Association members.

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