The Roulhac Family Association Crest

TRQ Fall 1990


The RFA Crest was conceived in 1990 by Lumumba Leon Reynolds, descendant of Nero Roulhac, son of RFA member Shirley R. Walls. Lumumba used a Apple Macintosh SE to interpret the Roulhac legacy.


The Idea of a Family Association

by Shirley A. Brown Walls

The Roulhac Quarterly, Fall 1990, Vol 1 Issue 1


Let us think of an idea as a "seed". A seed is a reproductive entity which consists of an embryo and stored food enclosed in a protective coat. The idea, in this instance, is a family association.


Just as the seed is the core of reproduction, a family association has the potential for contributing to our sustenance. Obviously though, just as with a bank account, we can only profit to the extent that we are willing to invest.


As we dissect this seed, the "embryo" is that we are “WE”. We are a group with a common bond -- our Roulhac heritage. We are further bonded by the principals of positivism, group betterment, and self-improvement. The ”stored food” is our positive energy and talents, nurtured by the recognition that our ancestors were enslaved. We are, therefore, determined to use all our energies to be free --physically, intellectua1ly, spiritually, and economically.


Now we must identify the “protective coat". This is the most difficult with which we must deal. In order to protect our entity we must identify all prospective threats. Since we come together as individuals first, the first coat of armor that each of us must don is to set aside the worst enemies of group togetherness -- jealously, greed, envy, nepotism, selfishness, malice, etc. No doubt, we have all seen beautiful ideas die because individuals allow pettiness to undermine group prosperity, even when they know they would, in turn, also benefit. I feel that we are above that!


At our August 1990 gathering in Flint, we saw that, not only did we become personally enriched by coming together to share our love and kindredships, we also were able to commune spiritually at Bethel United Methodist Church, the church home of Charlotte, Edwin and Evelyn Roulhac.


At our next gathering, July 18-21, 1991 in Marianna, it is possible that we can come together with all of the benefits of this past year as well as with new ideas to enhance our future.

We have fantastic potential. We can be all that we want to be. We have the seed - We can make it grow!

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